Businesses Helping Businesses!

Businesses Helping Businesses!

Small businesses make our area a very special place to live and work.  As a locally owned small business, we know that working together makes us all stronger.  Our Customers regularly tell us about the many wonderful businesses they support while creating their weddings and special events.  We hope to cross-promote with one another to build the local business community.
There is normally a fee for being placed on recommended Vendor advertising, we hope to try something different this year.  Simply fill out the form below and send us your logo or image to be added to our online recommended Vendor page.  The only “cost” to you is to add our image and cross-link to your website.  This way we all help each other, build traffic and improve everyone’s standing on search engines!

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Policies for placement on the online recommended Vendor page:

Biltmore Bride Prom & Tux home of Merle Norman of Asheville (BBPT) has created a recommended Vendors page to cross-promote with select local and regional businesses to better serve its Customers.  Vendor approval is solely at the selection of BBPT .  We do not list businesses whose goods or services directly compete with ours. Vendors agree they can be added or removed at any time without notice.  Vendors may only be listed when the Vendor includes the cross-link image and hyperlink provided by BBPT on Vendor’s website with such placement approved by BBPT.  Vendor may request to have its listing removed at any time.  Vendor agrees to provide the highest level of goods and services at reasonable prices in keeping with the Vendors market niche in order to best serve and satisfy its Customers.

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